We all know how beneficial yoga is, and that we should practice it more often. If you are a yoga newbie, there is no better way to get involved than to start your sun salutations while watching the sun rising up from the ocean. In case you have already mastered all the poses, and headstands are you thing, you will benefit from the advanced asanas.

Our dynamic practice focuses on moving your body along in time with your breath. The class will develop your strength, flexibility and balance for body and mind. Whether on flat days or on early mornings before the surf sessions, yoga is the perfect complement to surfing.


Marketa was drawn to yoga a couple of years ago while she was working for a large company. Practicing yoga was her escape from the daily rush for a little while. She took a 150 hour yoga course in Prague before she moved to Asturias, to continue her journey of learning and sharing her experience with students.

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