Be curious, stay open minded

It will be difficult to decide what to do first when you come to Vega. Surrounded by ocean, trees, mountains, cows and the welcoming asturian people, you can just find your spot on the beach and soak in the powers of the elements surrounding you. But there is much more to be discovered.

Find a gem

If you decide to take a walk in the sand along the beach, do not forget to watch your feet. If you are lucky, you will find a purple fluorite gem. Vega used to be an old fluorite mine which was closed to protect its beautiful nature. But the gems are still hidden in the mountain and big ocean swells always reveal some treasures.

Climb a mountain

Once your knees and limbs are scratched from surfing all day long or your body is overstretched from the yoga lessons every morning, or you just simply feel like you want to do something different – it’s the perfect time for a walk!

The nearby mountains outside of the valley offer a great opportunity to experience the local surroundings and explore the full potential of the Asturias inland. Occasional trekkers can pick slow and easy going one-day trips to enjoy the pleasant surrounding nature, combined with a picnic or a snack on the way.

On the other hand, experienced hikers are free to pack a tent and set off on a two or three-day journey. Even though the route might get tough sometimes, longer trips will reward you with amazing views, stunning environment and peaceful outdoors. There aren’t many better things in this world than watching the stars from your sleeping bag in Asturias!

On the way up into the mountains you often meet the heartwarming local people, so don’t be shy and share a word or two with them!

Taste the place

Wandering around the place is also a great way to taste Asturian cuisine and try traditional delicacies. Asturians are proud of their fabadas, chorizo or smelly cheese, so be sure to try all of it. Warm and calm evenings when the golden sun is setting are the perfect opportunity to share a glass of Cidra in a circle of good friends.

Hit the fairway

On the green hill above Vega is an 18 hole golf course. If you go to play, you might notice deers wandering around the course, like it’s the most natural thing in the world. They are accustomed to the golfers and as far as we can say, they like a good match. But wait for the 6th hole. If you are not a fan of game, these views will leave you speechless.

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