In the autumn of 2018 we bought a small piece of land with a tiny house just a few steps from the beach. Together with our friends and locals we built a surf base to offer you a glimpse of what it’s like to live by the ocean.

Marketa & Tomas

Marketa & Tomas

We could not have made it without our friends:

Matyas Svejdik
Dominik Hron
Lucie Petelikova
Mira Pazdera
Vaclav Kroutil
Martin Semerad
Jan Tyle
Adam Svoboda
Alzbeta Haluskova
Martin Stransky
Tom Grosup
Vojta Urbanek
David Sterba
Alice Budova
Petr Sevcik
Ondrej Marik
Katerina Vaculikova
Hugo Batalla

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